That Did Not Go According to Plan

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over a month since my last post.

Suffice it to say, it seems the weekly blog thing was more of a stretch goal. Monthly is more like it, though that may change later as I get into editing and writing on a consistent basis. I’d blame it on vacations, but I hardly go anywhere or for any length of time. Mine consist of staying home or traveling within 100 miles of it. Day trips and no hotel stays. I’m poor right now. Ah, the life of an author…

So what can I discuss this time? I guess I can explain what has consumed my time over this past month. June had one really important milestone – my daughter graduated from high school, which was both a happy and tearful occasion. I also attended another event to hawk my wares, though it didn’t go as well as the one in May. Actual work (my job I use to support my writing habit) has been ridiculously busy. My side gig as an editor has also been keeping me distracted. Oh, and there’s the short story – details to follow…maybe. And lastly, the holiday, which seemed to drag out into the whole week. I, however, only had the day off and nothing more.

I’ve found I do a better job keeping up with everything on social media (Facebook and Instagram), but that’s a bit easier than coming up with a blog post. Again, not a blogger. I’ve also been exploring different ways to advertise and drive sales. I’m also not a salesperson – never have been, never really want to be. This is the part of being an indie author I hate the most. I would rather write, publish the story, and talk about it and the process. I would like that to drive my sales. I don’t like pushing people to buy. I want them to want to buy, whether that is from word of mouth or from talking to me or from what I post on social media. I want them to be intrigued and genuinely interested. We’ll see how that goes for me.

Well, I guess that’s it for now. Hopefully, I will post again in another month, but maybe sooner. I’ve been itching to write more.


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